Founded in 2010, Lilac Investments, LLC owns and operates real estate in Pittsburgh and throughout Western Pennsylvania. Our attention and resources are dedicated exclusively towards managing our in-house residential and commercial portfolio.

We are proud of our positive relationships with our tenants, local housing authorities, municipalities, and housing non-profit organizations.

We work hard to provide reliability and flexibility to our commercial tenants. We offer shell units to be built-out exactly as desired and we offer fully turn-key units for companies to start business ASAP.

We continuously strive to provide quality and affordable housing to Pittsburgh’s residential tenants. We seek to meet and exceed the needs of our tenants, from move-in through the entire tenancy.

We pride ourselves on the highest possible level of non-discrimination policy. All prospective tenants are welcome at Lilac, regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, familial unit status, and source of rental funds. Subsidized payment programs can be a great resource to help tenants achieve not only stability in their daily life but also success moving forward. We are proud to participate in their success.